No Need to Fear When a Republican is Near


    The reports are coming in from liberal states regarding the newly discovered COVID-19 numbers. The liberal produced reports are reporting that numbers are worse than what they were earlier this year. But this is to be expected. After all, Joe Biden is already toying with the idea that he is going to shut the country down again because of the virus. All he needs is a bunch of numbers to make people subservient to his will.

    The liberal states are already locking themselves down. They claim that things are worse than they were months ago. Lockdowns are not the answer. Medical professionals and organizations are telling leaders that they actually do more harm than good. This is just their way of making people obey them and making it as they live in a socialist nation.

    But the great thing is that there are people that are willing to fight back against the extremes of the Democratic Party. Republicans at every level are not going back to pre-COVID times. The threat that everyone thought was there just never materialized.

    Liberals keep acting as the threat exists, but it is all a bunch of lies. This is why, in Republican-run states, the threat of a lockdown is not going to happen.

    The two states that are fighting back against the liberal tyranny include Texas and Florida. Both of these governors have come out and stated that there would be no lockdowns. At some point, the virus needs to run its course and make its exit.

    Greg Abbott from Texas stated that their goal is to keep “working to heal those who have COVID.” His goal is to get those infected out of the hospitals and get them back to their way of living as quickly as possible.

    The second wave of infections is not happening to the people that have already had it. It is happening to the people that have not yet been exposed. They are the ones that are feeling the effects of COVID-19. The longer the lockdowns are in place, the longer it will take to get rid of the virus.

    But the Republicans understand that shelter-in-place orders and lockdowns keep the virus in place longer. They are not about to lock people down and tell them that they cannot get on with their lives. People are smart enough to care for their own health and do not need the liberals telling them what to do.

    Even when asked about their decisions, the governors are attacked by the liberal media as heartless and senseless. But the truth is that these state leaders are doing what is necessary to keep people safe. They are just taking a different path than what the nasty liberals are telling people to take.

    Governor Ron DeSantis’ office stated that “Today we are back down to 4,500 [cases] and a 7.3% positivity rate. We believe yesterday’s high number was due to a large submission file and skewed the numbers for that day. The Governor will not lock down and hurt families who can’t afford to shelter in place for 6 weeks. Especially not for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate. One area of concern is Assisted Living Facilities. Since those over 70 face the greatest threat from [COVID] the Governor is monitoring those numbers daily and is prepared to move therapeutic and prophylactic assets to those facilities as needed.”

    The liberals maintain that the numbers are terrible and that hundreds of thousands of people are going to die in the coming months. But that is not what the facts are showing. The liberals are still using the pandemic as a means of controlling people by creating in their lives hardship moments.

    The Democrats want power so much so they can tell people what to do in their own homes, just like what Gavin Newsom is doing in California. And even then, he believes that he is above the law since he is not obeying his own rules. The Republicans are the only ones in the political realm that are making any sense. And that is why the president must win another term in office.