Show of Force or Farce? Lawmakers Call for Immediate Congressional Investigation in 2020 Election


    James Comer is the Ranking Member on the Committee of Oversight and Reform and Jim Jordan is the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee. These two GOP lawmakers are coming together to put a stop to the nonsense once and for all. They are calling on the leaders of the Democrat party to launch a congressional investigation into the outcome of the 2020 election.

    If these two men have their way, there are going to be hearings on the matter as soon as possible. The Democrats are nowhere near close to being out of the woods yet. They are still going to have to answer for their crimes in a court of law. This is a fairly hilarious turn of events for them after they spent so much time trying to impeach the current president.

    Of course, there are some who are skeptical. What can these men accomplish on their own? Will they have any help from Lindsey Graham at this time? To the best of our knowledge, there are no other GOP officials who seem willing to sign on for this. At least these two are on the case. It’s been tough to find anyone who is willing to say anything.

    It’s easy to see why people are getting discouraged. They want to see the thievery of this election exposed. Sure, an investigation would be nice but this is not a guarantee of any kind. How can anyone feel comfortable at the moment? An election is being stolen in plain sight and no one can seem to do anything about it.

    Still, it is important that we commend the efforts of the brave souls who are still willing to try. The only one who is probably able to get a good night’s sleep on the Democrat side right now is Joe Biden. The rest of them have to be worried about what comes next. They are going to be spending the next four years looking over their shoulders.

    That’s no way to live but this is the life that they have chosen. The Democrats did not want to win the election fair and square, they wanted to cheat. Now, they know what is coming their way. They are going to be accused of treason and rightfully so. When this case goes to court, a number of other different avenues will be opened.

    This is the Pandora’s box that the Democrats should be scared to open but at this point? They do not seem too concerned. All of that could change once the investigations begin in earnest but who knows? Pelosi and Nadler’s reaction to the letter will speak volumes. Pelosi may make a show out of ripping it up on television.

    We all remember when she decided to do this with one of President Trump’s speeches. If there is anything that she loves more than grandstanding for an audience, we have yet to see it. Anyone can see what Jordan and Comer’s logic is here, though. They are looking to put the fear of God into the Democrats so that they can flush out all of the traitors in their midst.

    The mainstream media seems less than willing to report on these proceedings at the moment because of course, they are. Their mentality throughout each step of this process has been to pretend that Biden already won. Any disputes when it comes to the election are being treated like right-wing gibberish by the mainstream outlets, as always.

    We’ll see how funny all of this is to them when the fight is brought to their front door. What happens once the investigation into the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop is complete? What about all of the people on the left side of the aisle who were found to have a strong connection to Jeffrey Epstein? The Democrats can keep ignoring these looming problems but they are doing so at their own peril.