Biden Crawls out of Basement and Cannot Finds the Words to Say


    Joe Biden is the one man on earth that should not be the president of any country. The only place he can lead successfully is in his own basement with cardboard cutouts for subjects. His long, drawn-out speeches are hard to listen to as his stutters his way through words that make no sense are too rational for people.

    The skinny man appears from his basement only when it is time to prove that he is still alive. Many believe that he will be the one to sit in the White House. The Oval Office for Joe Biden is a box with four walls. He is too incompetent to lead a country.

    The challenges presented by President Trump to the election are not for his own personal greed or power-hungry desires. He genuinely cares for the nation. He does not want to see a cheater like Joe Biden crawl out of his basement cave and destroy the nation.

    Joe Biden is such an incompetent man he cannot even get his words straight when putting on a speech. He cannot answer questions because he can no longer think his way logically through the answer. The entire nation is praying that the president’s legal challenges are successful because the cheating by the Democrats has put America on a path to destruction.

    Crazy man Joe Biden has self-declared himself to be the next president. At one point, he stated that he had the best fraud team in the world working for him. His slipping mind revealed what the man was going to do to the election. His expert fraud team was going to rig the election. The crazy man knew what his party was going to do for him.

    He gave himself the victory before the election night was over. He keeps portraying himself as a president even before the Electoral College has declared him the victor. Joe Biden keeps trying to present himself as an honest man that wants to unite the country. But those words will quickly disappear if he is allowed to sit in the White House.

    Biden is a good sniffer. He sniffs his way out of his basement to make public appearances. His last appearance was even more confusing than the first. He stated that “I’m going to – we’re going to impose the – we’re going to enforce the – excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things.”

    He had no clue as to what he was trying to say. The public needs a president that is able to think clearly and not act like a mad king making policies that make no sense. President Trump will be victorious in his challenges because he has the truth behind him.

    Joe Biden was trying to mimic something that the president did when COVID-19 made its appearance. President Trump used the “Defense Production Act” to ramp things up to meet supply and demand. Biden is living at a time where he is trying to copy the successes that the president has had for the past year.

    None of the things that existed when the president used the act are around today. These things are part of a fantasy world that Biden has created in his dementia world. The time he spends in his basement only adds to the delusional world that he is existing in.

    Biden wants to send out the national guard to force people to stay indoors. The nasty Democrats want to see Biden become president so they can remove him on health issues. Their path to control lies in the hands of Kamala Harris, taking over where Biden would once sit. They want to see Harris take over so they can destroy the nation.