Is There More Hate Toward Christians Than Ever Before?


    Many politicians want to politicize religion. When it came time to confirm Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, it seemed that the Dems had more of an issue that she was Catholic than about anything else about her.

    Why is it that Christians seem to be getting a bad reputation these days?

    If you’re not Christian, what are you? Atheists don’t believe in God while Agnostics don’t believe in anything.

    Reverend Franklin Graham, the president of the Samaritan’s Purse said that America is in a “moral freefall.” He might not be wrong.

    On FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” there was discussion about a Kansas middle school participating in Operation Christmas Child, a program that provides Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. This sounds like a great program – why shouldn’t underprivileged children get help?

    Well, the Freedom From Religion Foundation had a legal complaint that demanded that the middle school cease their participation in the program.

    Why? A public school shouldn’t be supporting any kind of religious program.

    Bah Humbug. Public schools support all sorts of different programs for the greater good of their community. Anyone at the middle school in Kansas could choose to participate or not participate. No one was making them go to church. No one was making people who go to the school do anything they didn’t want to.

    The program was being run by Samaritan’s Purse. While it was a Christian organization, the goal was simple: help the underprivileged within the community.

    It seems that more and more people have an issue with Christianity being a part of anything. Many of the Dems in the House have tried to stop saying “In God We Trust” and they don’t want to be sworn in with their hand on the bible.

    America was founded by Christians. While the Constitution allows for religious freedom, it doesn’t seem that way when people want to start hating on Christians. Any religion can have a place in the country. In school, children will learn about some of the religions. However, they aren’t told to believe in one or another – that is something that is done at home.

    There has been plenty of research done over the years to show that as attendance in church declined morality seemed to decline with it.

    You can hear plenty of people say, “That’s not the world we live in anymore.” We can’t let our kids go out after dark. We can’t let kids stay at home by themselves. We can’t even let kids go to one end of the grocery store on their own. Why? It’s a different world.

    But why is that? Reverend Graham and many others believe that it’s because too many people have turned away from God. Graham believes that we need to repent and turn from our sins. Then and only then will “God will hear our prayers, and He will heal this country.”

    It’s certainly possible. It seemed simpler when more people believed in God. Now, Christianity seems to be an unpopular opinion. And Capitol Hill has decided to split down the middle with more Republicans being Christian and more Democrats being agnostic.

    After all, more Republicans are considered constitutionalists. They believe in following what the Founding Fathers created and want to follow what the Constitution has to say.

    This is where many of the moderates are fighting back. They’re Christian, too, and they don’t want to turn their back on God just to fall into favor with their political party.

    Christianity shouldn’t be something that tears the country apart. It should be bringing us back together.

    The true test is going to be when Biden gets into office. Just as Amy Coney Barrett, a Republican, is Catholic, so is Joe Biden. So, Biden has a major decision to make: is he going to turn his back on Christianity and his faith or is he going to turn his back on his political party?