Woman interferes with arrest of robbery suspect who escapes. Cops wrestle woman to ground, arrest her — and now she’s looking to talk to a lawyer.


    After a woman interfered in the arrest of a robbery suspect in San Jose, the suspect managed to escape from cops — and with that, police turned on the woman, wrestling her to the ground and arresting her.

    And believe it or not, the woman says she’s filing a complaint against police and will speak to an attorney.

    What are the details?

    Police said an organized retail crime mob had just robbed the Macy’s at the Oakridge Mall on Saturday night, but two store security guards detained one of the suspects, KNTV-TV reported.

    However, investigators told the station other suspects returned and “violently” beat up one of the guards, according to Sgt. Christian Camarillo of the San Jose Police Department, who said they “pulled her hair” and “punched her” and “kicked her in the head.”

    ‘Heartbroken’ bystander helps crook

    But after arriving officers handcuffed the robbery suspect, a “heartbroken” woman identified as Abeer Hamed decided to get involved, KNTV said.

    Hamed, in red plaid shirt, approaches police who have detained robbery suspectImage source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

    “You just see two cops running toward him like crazy,” Hamed recounted to the station, adding that police “just pushed him to the glass and throw him to the ground, like really slammed him hard. For me seeing this as a mother, I was like heartbroken.”

    Cellphone video shows officers repeatedly telling Hamed to back off, KNTV said.

    Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

    And while cops began dealing with Hamed, police said the robbery suspect got away.

    One might say she paid for the decision.

    Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

    Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

    “He slammed me really hard to the ground,” Hamed told KNTV of the officer who went after her while she showed her bruised face to a video camera — along with her scraped elbow that she said “really hurts badly, too.”

    Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

    Police spokesman Camarillo didn’t seem sympathetic, as he told the station “that female who inserted herself in that situation was subsequently arrested for aiding the escape of a person who was lawfully detained by a police officer, assault on an officer, and delaying an officer as well.”

    Hamed, 43, also allegedly resisted by swinging an arm at an officer, police told KPIX-TV, which added that Hamed was booked into Santa Clara County Jail.

    Filing complaint? Talking to lawyer?

    Despite what certainly appears to be an obvious error in judgment, Hamed told KNTV she’s planning to file a complaint and talk to a lawyer.

    Police told the station they welcome the scrutiny — and Camarillo emphasized how serious Hamed’s actions were: “It took one person inserting themselves into this situation that allowed a suspect to escape.”

    He added to KGO-TV that “arresting this one suspect could’ve helped our investigation to identify the rest of these folks. That didn’t happen, obviously, because this one person interfered with this arrest. We still don’t understand what caused this person to go over there and interfere. If somebody sees something that they don’t agree with or thinks is excessive, there’s mechanisms for that, right? We have our internal affairs department, we have our internal police auditor. Please, please do not insert yourself into one of these arrest situations.”